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This sign is maintained by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control and is required to be posted in a very conspicuous place by Ohio Law. This sign must be posted by every single "D" permit holder, which is an establishment that has a permit to serve alcohol for consumption. Unfortunately, many establishments that do not have a D permit (gas stations) may unintentionally post this sign thinking they're required to even if they do not serve alcohol. In other cases you may discover that a grocery store has posted this sign - and they do because some of them have D permits for wine tasting, but the sign has absolutely no influence on gun laws at all.

In some cases, this sign looks strikingly similar in font to other liquor signs such as the "Warning to persons under age 21 or 18"....

It is important to understand that the presence or absence of any of these liquor control signs has absolutely no impact on a person otherwise lawfully carrying a firearm. It is a mandated warning sign and its presence does not make something either more legal or illegal.

This sign has been the basis of extreme confusion, myths, and outright lies about it's impact on a person carrying a firearm either concealed or openly. This page aims to put this myth to bed definitively. LiquorSign.jpg

The establishments posting the above sign have absolutely no choice

Ohio Revised Code 4301.637(B) states:

"(B) Every place in this state for which a D permit has been issued under Chapter 4303. of the Revised Code shall be issued a printed card by the division that shall read substantially as follows:

...and then goes on to spell out the language seen on the sign shown above.

When You ARE prohibited in a liquor establishment

There are four scenarios in which you may not be in a liquor establishment while armed:

  1. If the establishment posts their own private property "No Guns" sign, and you know about that sign, you may not be there with a concealed handgun.
  2. If you are under the influence of alcohol or a drug of abuse you may not be in a D permit premises with any firearm.
  3. If you are consuming alcohol you may not be in a D permit premises with any firearm.
  4. If you are openly carrying a handgun and NOT a concealed handgun licensee you may not be in a D permit establishment (See: 2923.121)
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