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The following is a list of all laws contained in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) pertaining directly to the possession, carrying, and usage of firearms. The bulleted points under certain sections are a brief synopsis of important highlights of each section but is not necessarily all that is contained in that section.

9.68 Right to bear arms - challenge to law
109.69 Reciprocity agreement
109.731 Prescribed forms
311.41 Criminal records check and incompetency check of applicant
311.42 Sheriff's concealed handgun license issuance expense fund
504.04 Exercise of powers under limited home rule government
1547.69 Firearm prohibitions
2305.40 Owner, lessee, or renter of real property not liable to trespasser
2305.401 Member of the firearms industry not liable for harm sustained as a result of the operation or discharge of firearm
2307.601 No duty to retreat in residence or vehicle
2307.60 Civil action for damages for criminal act
2901.05 Burden of proof - reasonable doubt - self-defense
2901.09 No duty to retreat in residence or vehicle
2921.13 Falsification - in theft offense - to purchase firearm
2921.36 Illegal conveyance of weapons, drugs or other prohibited items onto grounds of detention facility or institution
2923.11 Weapons control definitions
2923.12 Carrying concealed weapons
2923.121 Possession of firearm in liquor permit premises - prohibition, exceptions
2923.122 Illegal conveyance or possession of deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance or of object indistinguishable from firearm in school safety zone
2923.123 Illegal conveyance of deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance into courthouse - illegal possession or control in courthouse
2923.124 Concealed handgun definitions
2923.125 Application and licensing process
2923.126 Duties of licensed Individual
  • Section (A) contains the grace period expiration statement
  • Section (B) contains the list of statutory prohibited carry zones
  • Section (C) contains information on private business postings, private business immunity, and landlord/tenant regulations
2923.127 Challenging denial of license
2923.128 Suspension and revocation of license
2923.129 Immunity
2923.1210 Application form
2923.1211 Falsification of concealed handgun license - possessing a revoked or suspended concealed handgun license
2923.1212 Signage prohibiting concealed handguns
2923.1213 Temporary emergency license
2923.13 Having weapons while under disability
2923.14 Relief from weapons disability
2923.15 Using weapons while intoxicated
2923.16 Improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle
  • Section (C) instructs how a firearm must be transported if one does not have a concealed handgun license
  • Section (E) contains instructions on what one must do if stopped while being in a motor vehicle (notification, remain inside, etc)
  • Section (K)(5) explains the definition of "unloaded" as defined by the ORC
2923.161 Improperly discharging firearm at or into a habitation, in a school safety zone or with intent to cause harm or panic to persons in a school building or at a school function
2923.162 Discharge of firearm on or near prohibited premises
2923.20 Unlawful transaction in weapons
2923.201 Possessing a defaced firearm
2923.21 Improperly furnishing firearms to minor
2923.211 Underage purchase of firearm or handgun
2923.22 Interstate transactions in firearms
2923.23 Voluntary surrender of firearms and dangerous ordnance
2923.25 Gun locking devices
2953.37 Expungement of certain convictions relating to firearms
3761.16 Areas threatened by riot may be cordoned off
4519.40 Prohibited acts

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